Holly B. Johnson


About Holly

Educator - Maine educator - 38 years and currently a PreK-5 Principal 

Learner - I try to learn something new each day

Writer - Picture books and more

Reader - Loves to read non-fiction and any children's book

Always making time to wonder, imagine, learn and create. Here's a little of what I have been doing...

Winter Wonders 2023


I discovered this caterpillar and had to find out more...

My research determined it is a Sweetheart Underwing Moth caterpillar. Not only does it have camouflage as a defense, it also puts on quite a show when touched! Needless to say, getting it safely to the tree was not easy.

The adult moth uses camouflage as a defense too, and then when needed, the moth can open its wings to show off RED to trick a predator (red means poison). 


My suitcases went to both Mexico and New Mexico in 2019 for research and relaxation. 

2020 had less travel...

...and more time to research in other ways!

2021 has been a year of research and writing about... Mount Everest, The mighty Mississippi River, and more! Yes, there are a lot of Ms here!


I am an educator and a learner. Each day I am blessed to work with students and their families. Each day they teach me more about the world. 

Playground Science! Young learners' curiosity about a 'new', creepy bug...